Exercise Information

Exercise classes are advertised in the COA newsletter, with times and class details. **Exercise class are offered on a drop-in basis to Acton Seniors** All participants must sign a waiver of liability. If you have questions  please call or stop by the COA office. Find details of our classes here.

Exercise programs are popular. Each instructor decides on the maximum number they would like in their class. On occasion, a class may reach its maximum when you come to sign in. If that's the case you will not be allowed into the class for that day.

Workout in the Gym! The Senior Center has a gym equipped with a treadmill, elliptical, recumbent bike and recumbent stepper as well as a variety of weights and mats. See the newsletter or call the office for the gym hours. In order to use the gym you must be an Acton resident, 60 or older and must attend a gym equipment and Monitor training session. Call us to book a spot in the next scheduled training.

We would like all the gym users to be trained for, and to offer monitoring. This will allow us to have the gym open for longer hours.