Protecting Yourself Against Cyber Threats: Thursday August 8, 1:00-2:00 at the Acton Senior Center.
    Presented by the Town of Acton Wellness Initiative Network Committee, this program will raise your awareness of the types of scenarios, schemes, tools and scams , and the action you can take to protect your information. Register online by emailing HR@actonma.gov or contact Human Resources at 978-929-6613.

    Summer Gym Hours, through September: Mondays through Friday, 9:00-12:00. No excuses!

    Newsletter by Email or Pickup:
    Please consider switching from a mailed newsletter to either by email or picking it up at the Center. It saves postage, printing and paper. Contact Rosie at 978-929-6652, or ratherton@actonma.gov if you'd like more information or to switch.

    Grandparents raising Grandchildren: Will be meeting on Tuesday, August 20th at 11am

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