Be aware of our 'bad weather' policy. If the schools are closed we do not run any activities that day. If a 2 hour delay is called we do not offer any activities before 10am (if 3 hour delay then 11am). Check the school status on local TV and radio.If in doubt, please call us 978-929-6652.

    Chess Lesson Time Change for Remainder of Session:
    Beginners class starts at 10:30am on Thursdays
    Intermediate class starts at 12:00 noon on Thursdays

    Book Group will not be meeting in February

    IT assistance from AB High school students is available March 12th and 19th between 3 - 4pm. Drop in with your phone, tablet or lap top.

    Gym Hours: Mondays through Friday, 9:00-12:00. Thursdays 9:00-3:00pm.

    Newsletter by Email or Pickup: Please consider switching from a mailed newsletter to either by email or picking it up at the Center. It saves postage, printing and paper. Contact COA staff at 978-929-6652, or email  seniorcenter@actonma.gov if you'd like more information or to switch.

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